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Netflix Series: Dear White People Season 3 (Review)

Dear White People Season 3 : Netflix Original Series ( Review) . First off, I’ll try not to give any spoilers if you have not seen season 1 or season 2. Dear white people is one of those series that you have to pay close attention too. You have to pay close attention to every little detail. Say For example there was a picture frame on the wall that the cameras zoomed in on. But you didn’t think anything of it . until later on in the episodes they ended up referring back to that picture frame which ended having importance too it. Hopefully, that wasn’t too confusing. But That’s one of my FAVORITE things about this show! It always leaves you kind of mysterious clues and always keeps you interested.

Also, This season, I really loved how more of the characters were each starting to develop their own storylines and some of them created their character a little bit more this season too! Winchester University had quite a few new faces to Dear white people That brought an interesting flair to the show. Justin Simien the creator of ” Dear White People Season 3 : Netflix Original Series” please continue to keep making more series! You’re the reason I used my Netflix free trial this month i was saving it just for ” Dear White people”. LOL. Because of whos about to pay Netflix 15.99 a month ??? Not this college student 🙂 Comment down below if you have seen this series, planning on too, Love it or hate! I’m curious what everyone else thinks about it ?! know

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