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College Life

Is Freshman 15 Real?

What is It ?

For those of you who don’t know what ” freshman 15 ” is , Its when you gain a certain amount of weight during your freshman year in college. Whoever came up with this theory Aint nevaaa lied !!! If your looking for tips on how to avoid freshman 15, keep looking because I don’t even know how to avoid it and I’m going on my sophomore year in college. I can already hear food calling my name.


You would think that people that live on campus can only get affected by this because of always having to buy food and order and splurge, But I was wrong . I’m a commuter and “Freshman 15 ” More like Freshman “25”, Snuck up in bit me right in the Butt! As I stated in one of my previous posts, I’m a Culinary Major. And being that means all day in Labs which was from 7 am to 1 pm, we are cooking, tasting and eating food. Whatever we cook, we can eat . But it’s not like one lil ole plate, of roasted veggies and a piece of chicken. I’m talking about feasts worthy and we could go back up to get more food. I sound really greedy but come on now, if you saw that food, especially if it was a good day, I’m sure you would eat it too. This was every day for the first two terms. so that’s where the majority of my weight gain started to come in. After Labs, I had to go to my work-study. Can you guess where it was? …………. The dining hall. I know crazy right. So me having access to more food especially when on my shift, I would get hungry. So I would make me some waffles, or try whatever they had out and go hide and eat it. I know I know. don’t judge me. Now here’s where the commuter part came in. Every day when I got back home from class and work. Dinner was already Hot and ready waiting for me to eat . At this point you’re probably like a girl if your not hungry don’t eat the food !! But truthfully my appetite has grown so much, I started to become hungry so often…

Ending result …

So lets tally this up. I would indulge in food from 7-1 from labs, eat some food from work ( depending on the day ) and I would go home right after and eat dinner. and this continued even when I finished labs and went to academics towards the end of the school year but instead, every day I walked to chic fil a. If not chic fil it was somewhere else but I definitely made sure I ain’t miss a meal lol. Me doing all of that for a year definitely made me gain weight. It wasn’t because I wanted to but because that college life was definitely aways looking out for me in making sure I was always full. So To answer the Big question Is Freshman 15 Real ?!?! Yes , Yes it is . it’s definitely Real.

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  1. Girl, you and I are in the same boat. The Freshman 15 is definitely real and I was convinced that I wasn’t gonna be apart of the stereotype. I never missed a meal and it’s even worse now that they’ve opened a CFA on my campus.

  2. Freshman 15-30 is definitely a thing. I gained 30 total my freshman/sophomore year. From on campus food, friends who worked at popeyes, hardees, etc. Just couldn’t fade it. Definitely didn’t go hungry lol.

  3. It’s an interesting concept, likely all wrapped in a mental game of sorts. Body positivity is key!

  4. The freshman 15 is real. You end up eating what is accessible and affordable!

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