Hey Everyone! I’m Taniya. It’s Not pronounced Tonya, Tania, Tatianna, Tony ..etc….  I know what your thinking Tony? Someone really called you Tony? Yes, Yes they did, some people just don’t even try to pronounce it right but its TUH-NYE-YUH !!   Sounds exactly like its spelled right? But Now that that’s out the way …

  • I Was Born and raised in New York
  • I am a College Student going onto my Sophmore year. I major in Culinary Arts and Business Administration. ( Yes yall, your girllll can cook! )
  • I’m a Commuter
  • I moved To N, C  For college and all I can say is …… This heat is something else !! I’m used to snow, cooler weather and hotness but not this hot !! It definitely was a transition than what I’m used too, But even though I miss it sometimes I actually love it here !
  • I love Art, Fashion, Food, Cooking, Drawing and painting and all things to do with beauty!

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  1. Lucy Oglesby says:

    Love your blog & hope I can make one just as nice and as soon as possible! I have wanted to do this for most my life but just now starting to try a little bit. I wish you the best with your blog, and yes it does look great!! Was gonna tell you on Facebook, but figured it’d be better to hear on your siteđź’–

    1. tshanae says:

      Thank you so much that means alot ! Same to you and I would love to hear how it goes for you when you start your blog ! You can do it!!

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