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4 Habits You Should Start In the Morning For College

These habits will not only make your morning smoother but also make sure you have the proper energy you need to continue your day!

  • WAKE UP ON TIME : Set your alarm clock the night before. I usually set my alarm on my phone which is easier for me, so do what works for you. Waking up on time prevents rushing which can be a disaster waiting to happen. Whenever I woke up late I would already dread going to class before it even there. and wheewww this attitude is no good when I’m running late.  Soooo To prevent this, Set your alarm at least an hour before you have to be somewhere so you have ample time


  • EAT BREAKFAST:  Everyone loves to say ” breakfast is the most important meal of the day”, But Once I got to college I actually started to believe it. Whenever I didn’t eat breakfast I would be so hungry and could barely focus on what the professor is teaching about. Feeling like your about to pass out because you didn’t eat anything all day, nobody should want to feel. So On your way to class you can go to the dining hall if its open, buy some cereal or cereal bars to keep in your dorm for days you just want to grab it and go, Or my personal favorite; Going to chic fil a or Starbucks for breakfast and eat it there or bring it to class with you . ( I’m gonna mention chic fil alot because it’s on campus so I slowly became addicted to it ) .


  • HAVE SOME TIME FOR YOURSELF: This is actually really important. whether its 10 minutes or more just take some time to prepare yourself for the day. Speak positivity into your day, pray, and anything else that will relax you. Then after why not go get some Starbucks if you have time. Because we all know the Vanilla bean Frappuccino is the best right?!


  • MAKE SURE YOUR HYGIENE IS ON POINT: Yallllllllllllllllllllll . Where in college but sadly, there will be smells that will hit your nose that you can’t do anything about. But what you CAN DO?!!! Is make sure that that smell didn’t come from you. Wash your face and brush your teeth. I recommend if you have any shaving to do, do it at night since it can be a very tedious project. Make sure you shower whether its the night before for that morning or the morning of. In the Spring and summer, I always shower the same day. In the morning and one at night because sometimes that heat just sneaks up on you and makes you feel gross. Make sure you use deodorant and bring some in your bookbag with you along with gum/mints, lotion, perfume or cologne(But pleaseeeeeee make sure it is not too strong) and something for your lips whether it be chapstick or lipgloss.




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  1. So true! These are all great habits to include in your morning routine when you are in school. A lot of people tend to cut it too close when it comes to making it to class, but waking up 30 minutes early to just give yourself some ease and relaxation time can set a good pace for your day!

  2. Definitely good tips! I think fueling your body with the right things in college is so important, because there’s a lot of things that can sneak up on you!

    -madi xo |

  3. I love this! I’m starting grad school in the fall, and I don’t want to repeat undergrads mistakes. This is going to be a great morning routine to follow!

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