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A college commuter is someone who stays at home and travels back and forth to school as their daily commute. To some, it might seem like its a great idea.  To others your probably thinking, No Way!! well, l am here to tell you that your both right.  there’s some good and some not so good. I’ve been a commuter for one year now going on my second year as A sophomore.  There are definitely some things I’ve noticed. Lets Start with The Pros :

  •    The Main reason that most people commute: THE COST !!! room, and board is the bulk of tuition and if you knock that off, your tuition drops a SIGNIFICANT amount. So of course who wouldn’t want to save money ?! Paying for gas per semester is a lot cheaper than the price of tuition for a semester.
  •   You’ll still have your support system with you. Which depends if you have your own place or if you’re still living with your parents your whole wardrobe is with you every day!! so you don’t have to find something to wear out of the clothes you brought like the students who dorm have to.
  •  You’re not tied down to an expensive meal plan
  •  Youll still have your own space and room


  •  Traffic. It can cause you to become late. and if you’re already running late and didn’t know there was traffic …well then all you can do is sit back and enjoy the ride.
  •  You miss out on a lot of events. I think this is the one that probably bothered me the most. there are so many things that you miss out because you’re not at the campus all the time. Or sometimes you don’t even know there was something or an event going on being the fact that you live at home.
  • Gas. Gas can become very expensive driving back and forth every day. But as I stated previously its cheaper than tuition.
  • Makes it harder to get help from peers. Sometimes you might be working on a group project and everyone might say let’s meet up in my room later on tonight and you looking at them like Ummm I’m gonna be at home. So now you have to try and figure out a way to get everything done. It can become an inconvenience at times.

So…There are pros and cons to being a commuter. If your thinking about it just weigh out your options and see which best suits you and  See what are you more concerned about.  Leave a comment!

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  1. What about the social factors?

    I’m currently mentoring a young lady who is making her college decision now. She’ll probably be a commuter student. Her college choices are a community college, 6 miles from home and a major university, 2 miles from home; she has a wonderfully comfortable home with her parents and siblings along with fantastic family support. She has never participated in any formal schooling. Nevertheless, she is academically strong and extraordinarily personable. What advice or insight might you have for her?

    1. tshanae says:

      Hello Mike! Some advice I can give her is to make sure she weighs out ALL her options. Being a commuter student has a lot of benefits to it but can become annoying sometimes . Nonetheless, its WAYYYY cheaper which is a fantastic thing. To make sure that she stays socially involved so she doesn’t miss out on anything if she wants, she can always check her school calendar, join a club, go to sports games and Lastly, make friends. If your friends are living on campus they can also help you stay up to date with the latest events around campus. I’m sure she’ll do great in whatever College she chooses. Good luck!

  2. As someone who was a commuter in college – I can attest that there were definitely pros and cons. The one big pro was saving the thousands of dollars it would have cost. However, looking back the cons of missing out – not meeting as many new people – etc definitely outweighed the pro. If I could go back I would have at least spent a year living on campus.

    1. tshanae says:

      Exactly !! I definitely agree the pros outweighed the cons. Before my 4 years are up I’m hoping to at least spend one year on campus and get the full ” college experience”.

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